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Look no further than this spectacularly spacious modern residence, nestled in a desirable neighbourhood and surrounded by lush greenery.

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Experience this strikingly bright and beautiful residence located in a popular neighborhood and surrounded by lush greenery.

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Luxurious Modern Architecture

The home itself features sleek and modern architecture, with open concept rooms designed to let natural light flow through the whole property. As soon as you step inside this estate sale treasure, you’ll be impressed by the chic design elements of the living areas, such as spacious living rooms with beautiful hardwood floors and expansive windows that allow plenty of sunshine to pour inside. The kitchen is equipped with all the latest appliances and boasts plenty of counter space for cooking or simply enjoying casual dinner conversations with family or friends.


This magnificent estate home is a showcase of modern luxury and designer style. It provides the latest style with modern brand interiors and technology.

Energy savings

From the exterior of the home, special window treatments and insulation technology helps to regulate the temperature of the house, reducing your energy costs.


The estate features state-of-the-art alarm systems as well as surveillance cameras, giving you peace of mind while you’re away from your property.


The estate features ultra-fast wireless capabilities, providing reliable coverage throughout the house for a truly seamless digital experience.

Magnificent Modern Luxury Inside and Out

This estate sale opportunity is the perfect choice for those looking to purchase an estate that offers modern luxury both inside and out. Located in a desirable neighbourhood, this estate sale residence offers a combination of sleek contemporary design elements.

Modern Interior

This versatile building contains pieces that fit into the overall design aesthetic.

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